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Panos Demetriou

Panos Demetriou

My name is Panos Demetriou and I was born in Limassol Cyprus. From an early age I started with several breeds like American Staffordshire terrier and Rough Collie following with Chinese Shar Pei which I show and breed under my affix Ace of Peis.  I bred many champions around the world including European winner. I have been involved also with breeds such as Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino and Pomeranian/Spitz.

As an international judge  I had the chance to travel almost everywhere and had the pleasure to see some nice dogs around the world and make some very good friends. I was also living for some years in Central Europe (Poland) and I had the opportunity to visit as judge or exhibitor almost every weekend dog shows around Europe.

I judged in many International shows around the world and I had the honour also to be included as judge at main European shows like Amsterdam Winner show, Helsinki winner Show, Estonia winner and even lately European Dog show.

I Judged as well in Asia several times and Australia and many speciality shows of Shar Peis, Dobermans, Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso, French Bulldogs, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Bull Terriers standard and mini, Pugs and Pomeranian/Spitz. I judged in many Toy clubs around the world and Terrier clubs in Germany.

On 2018 I was elected as Vice President and later as General Secretary of the Cyprus Kennel Club and I am also President of the Cyprus Judges Committee.