Visiting Karlovac is a great opportunity for those who enjoy walks in nature, great food, amazing atmosphere and bicycling. Besides the 4 Rivers Winner competition that happens every September, Karlovac is also known as the city of parks, because of its lush green parks all over town. If you are joining us for Cacib Karlovac 4 Rivers Winner Competition this year, we can guarantee you and your dog friend won’t regret it!

If you are looking for amazing food and unique experience, don’t miss the chance to visit the Dubovac Castle. The castle of Karlovac is only 10 minutes ride from the 4 Rivers Winner competition location. There you can visit the museum, have the best view of the town and taste amazing food at Kastel Bistro. We highly recommend it!

Karlovac is a great city for a lot of different reasons. It has the perfect location between the capital of Croatia, Zagreb and the coast. Located on the Zagreb-Rijeka highway. Because of the city strategic location, Karlovac is a great day trip for those who are in Zagreb, Ljubljana or Postojna, in Slovenia. But it is also a great stop for who travel from/ to the south of Croatia, and also from Bosnia Herzegovina.

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